Winners of 2016

TVp-HRW-08527April 1st & 2nd 2016 the  FTC Dutch took place in Eindhoven at the Evoluon together with RoboCup European Open 2016.

44 teams from 10 different countries competed with and against each other, here are the results of two great days.

Thnx for the hardest fun we ever had!



Pictures of the event are published on the FIRST Brabant flickr stream:

The livestream is still available on youtube

Winners of the FTC Dutch Open 2016

Fontys Inspire Award 1st:

         NL00075 Pink Precision of  Maerlant-Lyceum from The Hague NL

Inspire Award 2nd place:

           NL0043 KKST-Girls of Königin-Katharina-Stift  from Stuttgart DE

ASML Winning Alliance Award:

        Captain: NL0039 Autovortex of Tudor Vianu High School from Bucharest RO

           NL0083 AutoVortex – Apocalypse division of Tudor Vianu High School from Bucharest RO

           NL0068 Exact Calculation of Irkutsk Liceum from Irkutsk RU

Finalist Alliance:

         Captain:  NL0075 Pink Precision of Maerlant-Lyceum from The Hague NL

          NL0067  Physics and Mathematics Lyceum #30 from Saint-Petersburg RU

          NL0085  Orange Fox from Ra’annana IL

Doede ten Cate Innovate Award:

           NL0069 Gyroscopes IIS Benedetto Castelli Brescia IT

Murata Control Award:

           NL0043 KKST-Girls of Königin-Katharina-Stift from Stuttgart DE

Think Award:

           NL0082 Gears ‘n Roses of Gymnasiumnovum from Voorburg NL

PTC Design Award:

           NL0035 Garrins Metal-lics of University of Vic from Vic ES

RoboCup European Open 2016 Connect Award:

           NL0085 Orange Fox from Ra’annana IL

Plano Plastics Motivate Award:

           NL0011 the Gentlemen of Newman college from Breda NL

Compass Award:

           NL0016 Return of the Screws of Gymnasium Novum from Voorburg NL

Judges Award:

          NL0055 Botwheels of Johannes Fontanus College from Barneveld NL


Robot ranking:


  1. NL0039 – Autovortex
  2. NL0075 – Pink Precision
  3. NL0043 – KKST girls
  4. NL0067 – PLM30-Y
  5. NL0074 – Team legacy
  6. NL0083 – Autovortex Apocalypse Division
  7. NL0035 – Garrins Metal-lics
  8. NL0085 – Orange Fox
  9. NL0086 – Servus
  10. NL0012 – FTC doultremont
  11. NL0076 – Centurion
  12. NL0017 – X-terminators
  13. NL0089 – Mountain Raider Band

Other ranking is unfortunately lost due to a backup mistake.