Volunteers wanted

FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteertasks


What When Preparation
Referees Observing the matches, about 10 persons study the game manual & referee manual
Judges Assessing teamwork & spirit design process and robot design, about 14 to 20 persons Study the judge manual
Robot & Field inspectors Inspect the robots  on safety, used materials and check if they are ready for the matches, about 8 persons Study the inspector manual
Supervision of the PIT area’s Help teams with questions, keep visitors out of the pit area’s etc. about 4 persons
Queuing Make sure the teams are present before the match, about 4 persons
Scorekeepers & score counters Do the match administration, help the refs counting scores, about 6 persons
Other Helping hands with all kinds of tasks on all days such as registration & info desk help, runners, supervision, etc.


If you want to be part of this unforgettable (and addictive) experience with wildly enthusiastic teams, please let us know via volunteer[@]steamup.eu

In return we can offer you drinks, dinner and the hardest fun you’ll ever have!

To get an impression of previous FTC events, see the pictures of previous editions of the FTC Dutch Open. And this footage of the 2016 Dutch Open


Summary for volunteers can be downloaded:  FTC Volunteers 2017

See also steamup.eu/volunteers