Troubleshooting – missing modules

There are various known issues w.r.t. “missing” modules.

– The “Core power distribution module” can cause issues. Switching it off for more than 30 seconds can solve some problems
See this posts on the forum:

– There are known software issues with the USB communication. The new “beta” version of the software may solve this (it automatically reconnects to the controllers after a communication error, not causing the robot to go into E-stop. See this post in the forum:

– You might be able to diagnose problems using the “Core discovery” program: Connect the USB of the “Core power distribution module” to your PC (using an USB A to mini-B cable) and see of all modules are available and can be controlled:

– For further diagnostics: please show the exact screen content when the error occurs, and send all the log files from the phone, together with the version information from your phone, PC and SDK.