Tournament info for teams

Please make sure you read and understand the FTC rules from US FIRST before the tournament. They can be found at the Game & Season page of FIRST and on the Preparing for Competition page.

On this page specific information about the FTC Dutch Open is published.

subjects are:

  • Venue info can be found on Visiting info
  • Deadlines & paperwork
  • Robot inspections
  • Software and hardware Tips and Tricks for the tournament
  • Alliance selection


FTC Dutch Open 2018

Venue address can be found here

FTC schedule

Friday June 15th

15.00                     Team registration

16.00                     Venue open to public

16.00 – 19.00       Hardware and Software inspection, Judging sessions & practice matches

19.00                     Venue closed for public

20.00                     Venue closed


Saturday June 16th

8.00                     Team Check in

8.30 – 09.30        Last hardware and Software inspection

9.00                     Venue open to public

9.15                     Drivers meeting

10.00                  Opening ceremony

10.30 – 12.30     Qualification matches

12.30                  Lunch break

13.30                  Qualification matches

14.45                  Alliance selection

15.15                  Elimination matches & Finals

17.00                  Award ceremony

18.00                  End of the FTC Dutch Open 2018


Deadlines & paperwork

Before the tournament:

  • Mail your team photo’s (of the team members and the robot) before Thursday May 10
  • If you want to send in a movie for the coach award please send it before Sunday May 13 (make sure to send the file or a link for a download)
  • Fill in your team info (see link in the mail blast)
  • Do a robot self inspection (download here: Game & Season info)


Take with you to the tournament (besides team, robot and team spirit ;-):

  • Engineering notebook (hand in at judging session)
  • Control award content sheet (download here: Game & Season info)
    for more information and an example see the judging process of: Preparing for Competition page
  • There will be no promote award or a Dean’s list award


Robot Inspections

For safety and fair play the robot inspections are very important. But it is also meant to help you get your robots ready for the matches.

We will do the robot inspections on Friday 1st based on a loose schedule. Robots can only enter a FTC field after a complete and correct robot inspection. Please download the form from and fill it in and take with your robot to one of the inspectors.

The field inspection is necessary before the robot matches start, this inspection is to make sure robots are able to start with the matches. It can be usefull to do one yourself:

Important: make sure the referees can safely turn off your robot in case it is out of control. Ask yourself: “would you put your hand at the power switch, to turn it off when your robot is out of control?” In case it is difficult to move the power module to a safe position add an extra on/off switch between the plus cable (red) of the battery and the power module.

Also make sure a referee can see the screen of your mobile device on the robot and at the control side, so they can help you and check the status of your robot in case it is reacting unexpectedly.


Software @ Hardware Tips for the tournament

Please prepare the following items for the event:

  • A backup of your software source code and compiled “APK” files
  • A backup of the APK file of the driver station
  • A backup of the “last known good” version of your application (source and APK files), so you make mistakes when changing the software you can always fall back to a version has worked
  • Backup the robot configuration XML file to your PC (located in the “FIRST\” directory on the robot controller phone
  • Make sure you use the latest available version of the driver station application and SDK:
  • There is a more recent beta version that can solve some problems, but use it at your own risk:
  • Write down the versions of the software you use
  • Write the serial numbers of your CORE MODULES on the front of the modules (e.g.  “AL00XLC2”) to aid finding hardware problems
  • Prepare a schematic diagram with the connections of your motors and servos, to simplify solving hardware problems
  • Write your team number and phone function on the back of the phones you use (e.g. “0001-A-DS” and “0001-A-RC”) this prevents mixing up phones

Alliance selection

For the qualification matches there are two divisions Huygens & Lorentz with both two fields. Teams are randomly picked for one of the division and teams in each division will play on both fields of that division.

Division and game schedule will be available at the tournament.

The top ranked teams that are allowed to do alliance selection, are not allowed to choose each other to prevent so called super alliances (nr 1 ranked team choosing nr 2 ranked team). There will be one top 8 Ranking (Huygens & Lorentz mixed).


# Huygens Lorentz
1 11 QP 1000p 13 QP 1200p
2 9 QP 870p 10 QP 950p
3 9 QP 780p 9 QP 920p
4 7 QP 600p 5 QP 300p


Top HL Ranking:
1: L1

2: H1

3: L2

4: L3

5: H2

6: H3

7: H4

8: L4



The top 4 from the Top HL ranking are allowed to pick any alliance member.

The alliances will be consisting out of 3 teams total. Picking follows ranking, ranked team 1 picks first, then ranked team 2, 3 and 4 and for the next round again 1 first then 2, 3, 4.

Keep in mind that in 3 team alliances, every team has to play at least once according to [rule 4.6.9 of game-manaul-part-1]

“During the Elimination Matches, two Teams from an Alliance compete on the Playing Field. If the Alliance has three Teams, the Team that sits out the first Match in an elimination series must play in the second Match, with no exceptions. If the Alliances play more than two Matches in any round, any combination of two Alliance Robots may be used. The Captain of the Alliance is not required to participate in every Match. No special accommodations are made for Robots that fail during the Semi Final and Final Rounds.”