Ordering via TIMS

Ordering the FIRST compiled kits via TIMS

When you want to order the FIRST compiled kits, this needs to be done via the TIMS registration system. This system normally is used for team registration of US teams and requires you to provide information about you and a second coach and about your team, before allowing you to order the kits. In short, these are the actions you need to complete:

  1. Go to https://my.usfirst.org/ftc/tims/site.lasso
  2. Register coaches and team in TIMS
    1. register yourself as an FTC coach
    2. create a team (provide teamname and number of members)
    3. register a second coach for the team
    4. Accept the FIRST consent and release form, and make sure your second coach does so too
    5. Wait for FIRST to accept your and your second coaches accept & release form
  3. In your profile, a ‘storefront’ button appears that allows you to start the ordering proces


  • TIMS tells you that a registration fee of $275 will be billed. This is true for US teams, but is NOT  for international teams that are going to participate in the Dutch competition (registration fee is included when paying your tournament fee).
  • The TIMS system asks a lot of information from you, your second coach and your team. Keep in mind that a lot of information is optional (mandatory data is marked). Keep calm … you’ll get there 😉
  • When ordering at FIRST, you must always purchase a combination of a Electronics set (base or sensor) and Control and communication set (1, 2, 3 or 4). Which sets you choose, depends on your needs (see the flowchart above).
  • The Kit ordering, payment and shipping will be handled by Pitsco (on behalf of FIRST).


A walkthough of the ordering process can also be found here for US teams, but in essence the ordering proces is the same. Prices for tax, customs and shipping may be completely different.