FTC Dutch Open – 2015 Winners, Participants & Pictures

Last year in 2015 the FTC Dutch took place in Eindhoven at DutchAero.

45 teams from 11 different countries competed with and against each other, here are the results of two great days.

Thnx for the hardest fun we ever had!

FTC Dtuch Open


Pitcutres of the event are published on the FIRST Brabant flickr stream in the FTC Dutch Open album


Winners of the FTC Dutch Open

Eindhoven Inspire Award 1st:

           NL0008 Team Tulip of Newman College from Breda NL

Inspire Award 2nd place:

           NL0043 KKST-Girls of Königin-Katharina-Stift  from Stuttgart DE

Winning Alliance Award:

           NL0063 French Toast Mafia of Dhahran Ahliyya Schools from Dhahran SA

           NL0050 AutoVortex – Gentlemen Division of Tudor Vianu High School from Bucharest RO

Finalist Alliance Award:

           NL0039 AutoVortex of Tudor Vianu High School from Bucharest RO

           NL0068 PML30-PHI of Phys-Math Lyceum #30 from Saint-Petersburg RU

Doede ten Cate Innovate Award:

           NL0069 404 Brixia Robotics of IIS “B. Castelli” from Brescia IT

Fontys Control Award:

           NL0029 ΩVoltz of Northgo College from Noordwijk NL

KMWE Think Award:

           NL0067 T.REX from Municipal budgetary general education institution of the city of Irkutsk Secondary General School №80 from Irkutsk RU

PTC Design Award:

           NL0035 Garrins Metal-lics of University of Vic from Vic ES

Connect Award:

           NL0002 Area51 of Eckartcollege from Eindhoven NL

ASML Motivate Award:

           NL0016 Team Clean/Fair & Square of Gymnasium Novum from Voorburg NL

Rockwell Collins Compass Award:

           NL0030 Robofoxes of Mit school from ES

Nobleo Judges Award:

           NL0054 CRISIS of Southbank International School from London UK

Frencken Judges Award:

           NL0006 ProbotiX Pius X College of Pius X College from Bladel NL

Robot ranking:

  1. NL0035 – Garrins Metal-lics
  2. NL0063 – French Toast Mafia
  3. NL0009 – Lucky Seven
  4. NL0039 – AutoVortex
  5. NL0050 – AutoVortex Gentlemen Division
  6. NL0047 – LEGOane
  7. NL0069 – 404 Brixia Robotics
  8. NL0027 – Lyceum Bishop Bekkers



FTC Dutch open 2015 Participants


NL teamnumber Teamname Organisation Name City: Country
NL0001 Theresialyceum Theresialyceum Tilburg NL
NL0002 Area51 Eckartcollege Eindhoven NL
NL0003 Watts Up! Maerlant-Lyceum Den Haag NL
NL0005 Brainport Summa College Eindhoven NL
NL0006 ProbotiX – Pius X College Pius X College Bladel NL
NL0007 The Dukes of Brabant Summa Engineering Eindhoven NL
NL0008 Team Tulip Newmancollege Breda NL
NL0009 Lucky Seven Newman College Breda NL
NL0010 PSTP Newman College Breda NL

Tech No Logic

Newmancollege Breda NL
NL0012 FTC-d’Oultremont d’Oultremontcollege Drunen NL
NL0013 Reed’s Robotics Reed’s School Cobham UK
NL0015 Compile & Conquer Gymnasium Novum Voorburg NL
NL0016 Team Clean Gymnasium Novum Voorburg NL
NL0017 Hofstad Robotics Hofstad Lyceum Den Haag NL
NL0018 LiSTT Lyceum Schöndeln Roermond NL
NL0020 JSF-TC^3 Jan Tinbergen College Roosendaal NL
NL0025 Crash Test Rabbits Grotius College Delft NL
NL0027 Lyceum Bisschop Bekkers Lyceum Bisschop Bekkers Eindhoven NL
NL0028 Tecnando 3.0 – ARM Asociación de Robótica Marteña / IES Fernando III Martos ES
NL0029 ΩVoltz Northgo College Noordwijk NL
NL0030 Robofoxes MIT school Malaga ES
NL0033 Merewade KITT Merewade College GORINCHEM NL
NL0035 Garrins Metal-lics University of Vic Vic ES
NL0036 BROKtimus Prime rsg broklede Breukelen NL
NL0038 Rocket St. Bonifatiuscollege Utrecht NL
NL0039 AutoVortex Tudor Vianu Informatics College Bucharest RO
NL0043 KKST-Girls Königin-Katharina-Stift Stuttgart DE
NL0046 Robotica Santi Aviano middle/highschool Aviano IT
NL0047 LEGOane Heinitz-Gymnasium Rüdersdorf GE
NL0050 Autovortex Gentlemen division Tudor Vianu High School Voluntari RO
NL0051 RoboLancers Lakenheath High School Brandon, Suffolk UK
NL0052 Joris 1 Sint-Joriscollege Eindhoven NL
NL0054 CRISIS Southbank International School London UK
NL0055 JFC 1 JFC Barneveld NL
NL0056 9.1 earthquake De Jonge Onderzoekers Groningen NL
NL0057 Turn around Gymnasium Novum Voorburg NL
NL0058 Team Grotius Grotiuscollege Heerlen NL
NL0059 AFNORTH Leeuwen AFNORTH International School Brunssum NL
NL0060 Cubicles Fontys Hogescholen Tilburg NL
NL0062 4Tech Bernardinuscollege Heerlen NL
NL0063 FTM Dhahran Ahliyya Schools Dhahran SA
NL0064 DAS Dhahran Ahliyya School Dammam SA
NL0065 TaumJup SG. Groenewald Stein NL
NL0066 Spongebob robopants Northgo College Noordwijk NL
NL0067 T.REX Municipal budgetary general education institution of the city of Irkutsk Secondary General School Irkutsk RU
NL0068 PML30-PHI Phys-Math Lyceum St. Petersburg RU
NL0069 404 Brixia Robotics IIS B. Castelli Brescia IT
NL0070 Robomont JU SETS Vaso Aligrudic Podgorica ME
NL0071 TCC Lorentz Casimir lyceum Eindhovehn NL
NL0072 Frodo St. Bonifatiuscollege Utrecht NL