Here you can find the FTC srimmages and practice locations.

When you would like to practice at one of the open practice locations please make sure to contact the contact person stated in the appointment. They will confirm your request and give you the exact location. Can’t find their mailaddress? Contact practice @


Upcomming scrimmages:

Saturday Dec 17 2016 FTC meet at Fontys Eindhoven: registration closed – contact FTC[@]
Sunday Jan 29 2016 FTC Scrimmage at Maerlant-Lyceum: registration closed
Saturday Feb 4 2017 FTC scrimmage in Zwolle (@FLL Benelux Finale): registration closed
Monday April 17 (Easter day) 2017: FTC scrimmage in Bred (Newman College): form FTC scrimmage Breda

For more info see: ftc-scrimmage-breda


The Scrimmage in Utrecht is cancelled this year.